Make Change

Make Change is an iOS application made to help youngsters learn about money.

It all started helping my daughter on her, how to make change homework, I thought hmm maybe a little iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app would help her out.

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  • Randomize coins then solve the question by creating the correct change.
  • Drag and drop coins with you fingers
  • Show coins by size and by amount in a grid view
  • Shake the device to randomize coins and get a new question
  • Try dropping the coins in the piggy bank…

  • iPad screen shots

    iPhone screen shots

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    1. Hi, I think this is great. Would you consider open source it so that I can make it into one for Hong Kong dollars for kids in Hong Kong? My daughter is a first grader and she has a bit difficulty in learning this as well. Another idea would be allowing importing of coin images for local currency.

    2. I just bought this for my 4th generation iPod touch and it does not work. The problem will come up, but none of the coins respond to touch. Any ideas on how to get this working? I am really excited to use it with my 7 year old son

    3. Excuse me, but I think a cool way like John is saying is to allow change of coin images, but couldn’t you use the en.lproj etc. to change the packs? Or would you just allow plain imports thru file sharing? (which is easier)

    4. @Jen Why don’t you use the -not- so good version (HTML)

    5. si e bello

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