AIR iPhone

The AIR iPhone is a desktop application created with Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3, it simulates the UI of the iPhone. It has the capabilities to make calls, receive calls, check voicemail, add contacts and even send voice messages, all using Ribbit. To use the calling functionality you will need an account with Ribbit, you can get one here Register.

Download – AIR iPhone v3.60

You will also need the Adobe Integrated Runtime if you don’t have it.

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  1. is this supposed to work???

  2. Good Project!

  3. Please i Beg you Someone Tell me How to Add Apps in It :/

  4. The AiriPhone v.3.60 Come into 2010 but now is 2012!!!
    Let the bodies at the floor
    Let the bodies at the floor
    Let the bodies at the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please add app function

  6. how the hell can u add apps wheres the app store?

  7. It keeps failing. I can’t install it. It starts installation and then… fails. help please.

  8. Add NEW Apps B!TCH
    it was 2010 and now its 2012 you big fat of peace of trash!

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  10. This seems to work just fine (in 2012). I can navigate to websites and run anything I like, good application.

  11. Hey,Bastard Upload apps

  12. This app can download apps form App Store to paly???

  13. Sorry this is just a demo app, and is not a emulator of the actual iPhone. It does not pull any apps form the app store.

  14. Can you help me a bit… i cant seem to know how to zoom out and stuff :/ … nor can i scroll in the browzer

  15. not every thing work even just 4 thing work lol its boored

  16. Stop sending out fucking hate mail, its a fucking simulator/emulator for crying out loud! Ofcourse nothing will work properly! So all of you fucking haters! Just shut the fuck up. Please.

  17. Thank you Jamie. What a bunch of dumbasses. The guy rocks something out for free and everyone bitches that it can’t run apps. Tell Apple idiots, it can’t run apps because PCs can’t run apps. “Hey, will you spend 800 hours on something, give it away for free, oh and it better be awesome or I’m going to bitch!”

    Thanks for the app man, it’s cool!

  18. I can’t register please help….

  19. HTTP_USER_AGENT : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; ja-JP) AppleWebKit/533.19.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) AdobeAIR/3.3

    Why Windows ?

  20. i know how to add apps just download itunes on pc and then drag games to emulator it works and i tried

  21. mine works yeaha

  22. ???

  23. good project

  24. It worked geat! I could even search on Google and check my emails. Many thanks!

  25. is it safe after i downloded it, it said that the creater is not identified adn it said it could put my computer at risk

  26. this sucks u cant open anything u cant play music P.S. i wanted fully functional bitch

  27. hey asshole i never had seen such a worst app if u want the simulator use ..
    the xcode…

  28. lame

  29. Dear rude people,
    Think you can do better? Prove it. Develop a fully functioning iPhone iOS for computers that allows App installs from the App Store and all other functionality that Apple’s large development team took years to build.
    OR, buy an iPhone and stop complaining about something you’re not paying for. The world owes you nothing!

    On a positive note: Nice simulator – well done :-)

  30. I bailed out at the last minute. Not sure who the publisher is and he can have unrestricted access to the entire computer!

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